De gemeentelijke diensten zijn gesloten op

maandag 1 mei (Feest van de Arbeid)

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Nieuwe openingsuren Pierebad vanaf 1 mei

Vanaf 1 mei gelden er nieuwe openingsuren in het Pierebad.

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Gemeentelijke rubrieken

Walking Paths

bord wandelrouteThree signposted walking paths offer tourists the opportunity to discover picturesque places in Grimbergen: the Prinsenwandeling, the Maalbeekwandeling and the Humbeekwandeling

The “Prinsenwandeling” starts at the beautiful church square and leads to the Prinsenwandeling” (castle), the “Guldendal” and the Municipal Hall.

The “Maalbeekwandeling” also starts at the Church square and leads to picturesque places such as the “Liermolen” (mill), the “Charleroyhoeve” (farm) and the “Tommenmolen” (mill).

The “Humbeekwandeling” starts in Humbeek at the and shows walkers the “Lintkasteel” (castle), the “Saint-Niklaashoeve” (farm) and the castle “Vroeneveld”.

Brochures are available to guide walkers along the walking paths.

The “Humbeekse Kapellekesroute” can be done on foot as well as by bicycle.